The “see yourself window” is an established UI feature for all video conferencing platforms. It also took quite a big importance even before the COVID-19 virus, where people as public figures, influencers, employees in offices, lovers, etc., made sure the “see yourself window” is portraying the best image of themselves with the best light and surrounding. Some even went as far as buying special add-ons to enhance their appearance in this window.

However, in the past months, video-telephony became the only means of communication and interaction, thereby, imposing for a longer period our continuous presence as an additional person to converse with. The self became very important in the connections and exchange with other people.

Evidently, us re-integrating in physical social interaction rather than virtual, necessitates an intermediate step that eases us into the in-person interactions and to the absence of the possibility of us observing ourselves.

Which is where the see yourself window augmentation gadgets came to be. Available in round as well as rectangular shapes emulating the virtual see yourself window, these gadgets offer the possibility for your friends and family to ease you again into physical interaction by allowing you to see yourself while conversing with them through these easily attachable 3d printed mirror add-ons, customizable to each person’s ear size.

Crafted to yoke perfectly with the face, the fixation on the ear is seamless and comfortable, and the gadgets are light weight and can be worn for long periods of time. That and, one of the 3d printed models offers the possibility  to adjust the mirror tilt to match the person-people facing you for them to better see themselves.

Concept & Design : Rana Rmeily 
3D implementation and printing : Wassim Melki 
Photography : Rana Rmeily

Model: Sayaka Koike