“Anonima Plastica” narrates an anonymous design, in particular an object which doesn’t define any specific temporal or physical context.
Disconnected from its surrounding, this object works as a time-space-machine: it shows us how shared -public or private- space can be generated anywhere anytime by means of a simple element, becoming meanwhile a witness of all the design scattered around the world.
The Illustrative work, publication, photographic documentation and installation displayed as part of Fuori Salone are based on a research carried out across Lebanon by thelovetriangle collective, sitting on this time-space-machine to look back at the transformation the country went through for the past 30 years.

Where do objects we use come from? What happens when we do not use them? What will remain of mankind after mankind?
An illustrative fanzine was developed telling the story of a singular plastic chair, and the journey it undertakes, highlighting that there are more positive aspects to plastic furniture than what meets the eye, and comparatively to single use plastics, they can have a long life span if used properly, thereby, becoming more sustainable.

Photography : Giovanni Emilio Galanello 
Installation : Giovanni Emilio Galanello, Francesca Gotti, Wassim Melki, Rana Rmeily
Fanzine/Illustrations: Rana Rmeily, Francesca Gotti
Photographic Documentation : Rana Rmeily